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Web3 Cowork Platform For DAOS,
Remote Teams,
Digital Nomads
DAOLink is a web3 cowork platform perfect for DAOs, remote teams, and digital nomads. It enables you to easily have virtual interactions to build your project, acquire new users, grow your community, improve user engagement, and drive up transaction volume. It’s a free Web3 version of remote workspaces like Dots, but way better, complete with a variety of use cases for on-chain and off-chain activity.
Better Metaverse,
Online Engagement,
Earn Crypto
DAOLink's goal is to create a better metaverse, allowing everyone to earn crypto assets through online meetings/missions/events and browsing ads. All the time you invest is valuable.
Who are we?
DAOLink is a video chat platform designed to create digital spaces for
remote teams to personalize virtual interactions.
Social-Ecological Metaverse,DAO,Link, Multiple Protocols
DAOLink is a social-ecological metaverse consisting of two fundamental concepts, DAO and Link. The underlying technology will be constructed using multiple protocols such as "open map editing protocol," "open component editing protocol," and "ad revenue sharing protocol" with the COCOS engine.
Interactive, Customizable Spaces For Organization, Projects
DAO will provide various DAO organizations and project parties with a visual, highly interactive, and workflow tool-based organizational space where organizations can customize and extend their space.
Virtual Plaza To Socialize,Gather Project Info
Link is a public social space for all users, similar to a large virtual plaza, where individuals can interact with others, buildings, and more to meet new friends and obtain valuable project information.
Our roadmap for the furture
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